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1. AAAP Animal Science Award

Name and Country Year & Venue
1 C. Chantalakhana (Thailand) 2000. Sydney, Australia (9th AAAP)
2 W. J. Maeng (Korea) 2001. Seoul, Korea
3 R. Leng (Australia) 2002. New Delhi, India (10th AAAP)
4 D. A. Kim (Korea) 2003. Seoul, Korea
5 C. Devendra (Malaysia) 2004. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (11th AAAP)
6 E. Sato (Japan) 2006. Busan, Korea (12th AAAP)
7 M. Wanapat (Thailand) 2008. Hanoi, Vietnam (13th AAAP)
8 Y. Kanai (Japan) 2010. Pingtung, Taiwan (14th AAAP)
9 Liang Chou Hsia(Taiwan) 2012. Bangkok, Thailand (15th AAAP)
10 Peter Wynn(Australia) 2014. Yogyakarta, Indonesia(16th AAAP)
11 In Kyu Han(Korea) 2016. Fukuoka, Japan(17th AAAP)
12 Seiichi Koizumi(Japan) 2018. Kuching, Malaysia(18th AAAP)
13 Jong Kyu Ha(Korea) 2020. Jeju, Korea(19th AAAP)
14 Naomi Kashiwazaki(Japan) 2022. Jeju, Korea(19th AAAP)

Established in 2000 with generous donation of Hans’ Animal Life Science Foundation, which supported the award program until 2008, thereafter the award was funded by the country hosting the congress.

2. Woogene B & G Award

Name and Country Year & Venue
1 T. Matsui (Japan) 2010. Pingtung, Taiwan (14th AAAP)
2 S.G. Roh (Japan) 2012. Bangkok, Thailand (15th AAAP)
3 Bi Yu (Taiwan) 2014. Yogyakarta, Indonesia(16th AAAP)
4 Takashi Nagai(Japan) 2016. Fukuoka, Japan(17th AAAP)
5 Furuse(Japan) 2018. Kuching, Malaysia(18th AAAP)
6 Frank Dunshea 2022. Jeju, Korea(19th AAAP)

Initiated from 2010, funded by a Korean company, Woogene B&G.

3. AB/CAPI Outstanding Research Award

Awardees Name Year & Venue
1 K. Goto (Japan) Taipei, Taiwan (5th AAAP), 1990
2 M. Wanapat (Thailand)
Susnato Prawirodigdo (Indonesia)
Bangkok, Thailand (6th AAAP), 1992
3 M. Salah Uddin (Bangladesh)
Angel L. Lambio (Philippines)
Bali, Indonesia (7th AAAP), 1994
4 J. Y. Han (Korea) Chiba, Japan (8th AAAP), 1996
5 C. Lee (Korea)
P. Palta (India)
Y. J. Ru (Australia)
T. F. Lien (Taiwan)
D. F. Li (China)
A. Koga (Japan)
Sydney, Australia (9th AAAP), 2000
6 N. T. Hong Nhan (Vietnam)
T. S. Ho (Malaysia)
New Delhi, India (10th AAAP), 2002
7 P. Rodtian (Thailand)
S. S. Lee (Korea)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (11th AAAP), 2004
8 InHo Hwang (Korea) Junyou Li (Japan) BEXCO, Busan, Korea (12th AAAP), 2006
9 Sung Woo Kim (USA)
Dheer Singh (India)
Hanoi, Vietnam (13th AAAP), 2008
10 R.C. Weng (Taiwan)
Xiaoming Song (China)
Pingtung, Taiwan (14th AAAP), 2010
11 P. Chanjula (Thailand)
Rachna Monga (India)
Bangkok, Thailand (15th AAAP), 2012
12 Re-Jun Fang (China)
Naresh Kumar Singh (India)
Yogyakarta, Indonesia (16th AAAP), 2014
13 Binghai Cao (China)
Cheorun Jo (Korea)
Xiangshu Piao (China)
Byong Oh Kwak (Korea)
Fukuoka, Japan (17th AAAP), 2016
14 Wijdan Al-Husseini (Australia)
Yizhou Chen (Australia)
Seoae Cho (Korea)
Beob Gyun Kim (Korea)
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia (18th AAAP), 2018
15 Zhou Zhijiang (China)
Lee Tzu-Tai (Taiwan)
Baik Myunggi (Korea)
Kil Dong Yong (Korea)
Online presentation due to cancellation of 19th AAAP scheduled in Philippines
16 Murova Susumu (Japan)
Idrus Zulkifli (Malaysia)
Yang Tien-Shuh (Canada)
Park Tae Sub (Korea)
Jeju, Korea (19th AAAP), 2022

Cash Prize was kindly donated by CAPI (2,000$ from 1990~2014; 4,000$ from 2016) in the name of AJAS-Purina Outstanding Research Award (1990~2006), AJAS/CAPI Outstanding Research Award (2008~2020) and AB/CAPI Outstanding Research Award (2022~ ).

4. Young Scientist Awards

Established to support young scientists of AAAP members. JSAS(Japan), KSAST(Korea) and Prof. Hsia(Taiwan) have donated U$ 1,000 each (subtotal 3,000$) on every AAAP Congress.


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